Wasting Away 

Waste. We’re all guilty of it as American citizens, it’s built into our culture. We are one of the most germ aware counties in the world as seen by our bathing habits and extensive research on various pathogens. For American citizens we have started to view the “best by (insert date)” as “if you consume after (insert date) you will become infected with germs”, a harmful and wasteful perspective. I’m guilty of seeing a “best by today’s date” and not wanting to drink or eat the product. Somehow, for some reason the best by date being today has been associated with icky in my brain. 

I had no idea or had even thought about what happens to milk in grocery stores that reach their best by date until this video. I didn’t realize that 12 days after pasteurization if the milk is still in the store they throw it out and pour it down the drain. That thought brings me to another. What happens to all the other foods and drinks that reach their best by dates in the store? How much is going to waste because laws mandate certain throw away dates regardless of the product is still good ? 

Thousands of families are starving around the world and while we are throwing away milk that’s only 12 days old. 


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