I read zines..

A word that has a sour tone. What do I mean? Is she talking about tangerines? Who has something in depth to say about tangerines? Calm down, okay? I am not talking about tangerines… but apparently my audience has very strong feelings about making fruits my blog topic, noted.

Tangibility is, according to dictionary. com… oh geez this is basically an overdone start to a maid of honor speech…OH my goodness let me say my shpeel before you go on about fruit or cheesy topic sentences! *silence* Thank you. As I was saying, something tangible is able to be felt or touched. A part of human nature is our faith in things we can feel, this is why spirituality seems so hard to some, we believe the things we can place our hand on. I could tell you I am holding a ball behind my back but you gain much more trust in the existence of this ball if you can feel it between your own palm and fingers. Where are you going with this? You read an article on zines.  I am getting there.

In the article I read, I was reminded of our trust by touch nature when the author made their case for the rising trend in zine reading. Technology was trusted for its advanced intellect but now that everyone can access it, there is skepticism rising, especially towards relayed information. But with a photocopied-in -your-living-room-zine, there is no chance of someone changing what you wrote. Oh now I get it, tangibility. You can touch a zine, hold it, fold it, get a paper cut from it. Exactly, but that wasn’t my final conclusion I drew from the article. OH? Zines are an unconventional style so I wanted to respond in an unconventional conversation style. AHHH now I see why I’m here. Hopefully it is received well.


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