Greys vs. intallerants

I had a really hard time not laughing as I read the spelling mistakes in “Precedent” Trump’s tweets  presented  in Allan Fallow’s Spelling’s Not For Everyone, Mr. Precedent. Why am I lying ? I laughed and exchanged glances with my fellow table-mates at the absurdity of some speling Miss Steaks. And even as I typed this post I showed one of them my respelling of the word mistake, to which she let out a hearty, definitely not pitiful,  laugh.

Why shouldn’t we laugh? Spelling mistakes are funny, we all make them! I think an unpopular opinion about President Trump’s grammar mistakes is how they humanize him. AT LEAST one time in everyone’s life they have mistakenly typed or sent a message with incorrect spelling or a completely different word than intended. So on the pawsitive side of the incorrect grammar argument, he becomes more approachable, less throne sitting when he experiences similar struggles as the rest of us.

I am not a push over though, I hold a strong belief that the same mistakes shouldn’t be repeated over and over again for they show lack of growth and maturity in a person.  His grammar issues have gotten to the point of coming across as a stubborn child who insists this word or that word ought to be spelled his way. So my final question to myself and tinny readers is,”Where do we draw the line between grace and putting our foot down ?”


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