Squid Reflection 

Jenna´s Allegory of the Cave

  1. After reviewing my posts my most common Squid element is Unite and my most common topic is writing and poems as a close second.
  2. I notice that I have a tendency to focus on more right brain ideas like arts, creativity, an people.
  3. I write a lot about writing and poetry. I like to mess around with my own writing style and understand the writing styles of others. I like poetry and often write poems as blog posts because it is so fun; it pushes me to think out side the box and mess around with expressions and common phrases. I like to Unite a lot because I think t is the best way to improve as a writer. For example the descriptive essay I recently analyzed was a Unite post. By taking her advice I improve my own abilities to introduce concrete and specific details. Having a tendency to want to Unite is also a ¨side effect¨ of being an athlete. My coach explains how to do a three step approach. my job then is to see what she did and in my own way (as in my own body) replicate her action. Whatever my coach teaches is vital to improving my skills.
  4. I would choose to expand upon my Unite post ¨Jenna´s Allegory of the Cave¨.  I have so many more connections in that moment to Plato´s Allegory of the Cave that I could expand. I could branch off into deeper reflection on the idea of not fully seeing all the beauty and information I have available to me. Those expansions could probably get me to about 600-800 words, so I would use my recently improved descriptive essay skills to move that moment from the abstract to the concrete.



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