Let’s Dive into the Specific Ocean!

If only it were enough to say I enjoyed this essay and thought it was great; but if I only left you with these responses I would not be bringing in the purpose of “Let’s Get Specific” into my writing. Therefore I’ll use Beth Johnson’s tips and explanations, which she exclaimed with the utmost hunger to writers and those who must write, to improve my response to her tips and exclamations on the necessity of using concrete details.

Johnson uses multiple examples of the same event, written differently, to compare and contrast the abstract and concrete detail filled writing. (Here I start with an abstract sentence…I’ll make it more concrete don’t worry). She herself does this winding back style, starting on the more abstract side of a sentence content scale then providing examples to make the descriptions more concrete. Like a cheesy romance movie, her essay starts with a blind date. As a viewer I would never be satisfied if a character was told her blind date was “nice” and she just accepted that. In order to capture the full emotions the character, much like Johnson’s example of the sister who would ask questions, she would crave more. And that is the principle in which Johnson’s essay is built upon, wanting MORE!!



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