A Day of Rest

There is head knowledge and there is experience knowledge, I believe pretty strongly in this idea.  I can be told how to hit a ball but it is a totally different knowledge running up and being able to hit a ball. You do not fully understand anything until you have both types of knowledge. I know this idea is not profound or in any way new but I completed my knowledge this weekend in the area of rest.

I am in 3 sports, a club, and getting A´s in all my classes, so you can say I am busy at the very least. I also try to spend as much time as I can with my family and friends so I don´t go crazy with lack of socialization. But what about me time? Where do I fit that into my schedule? The answer, nowhere.

With all the things I have taken on and using up every minute of my time for something I became very overwhelmed. That feeling plus being sick left me feeling drained and aching.

Then that familiar light bulb ping!  went off in my head. I remember the different shimings of how  You need some rest, you need alone time. But what about Event A ? Event B? Look at yourself, you´re shivering, you´re exhausted, you need to take time to rest, to heal. Well,  I don´t know if this actually works but it can´t be any worse than feeling like this.

And you know what, it worked. I slept for 11 hours. I laid in bed until 1:30 PM. I reset myself. The night before I was feverish and aching, but I woke up today feeling only slightly sleepy. I now have a rest experience and I have united both sides of knowledge to be able to verify it´s okay to have a lazy day. I encourage you to take one too. 


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