The Gatsby Show

I’ve written many other posts about expressing thoughts via doodle or drawing, and here is yet another one. 

In class we read The Great Gatsby, a book I’m not sure whether or not I like. And we spend good chunks of time discussing our feelings and other literary fancy shmancy things in the book. In one particular discussion we, being the class, were talking about the reoccurring use of light and the motivation behind Gatsby’s image. Then a passage was brought up that inspired me to draw this image. 

-pg 44 “ It was testimony to the romantic speculation he inspired that there were whispers about him from those who had found little that it was necessary tool whisper about in this world.”

Gatsby spends all this time throwing parties and keeping who he is a mystery to make him self into something grand. He is the walking version of a show;he’s  two characters in one. There is Jay Gatsby he rich socialite known all over for his extravagant parties, the one with the mysterious past and the fortune with unknown roots. Then there is James Gatz. The boy who fell in love with a rich, beautiful girl before going off to the war. Every motivation of Jay Gatsby is feeded by the Jay Gatz’s desire to impress Daisy. 

So in my picture I drew a man with his back to us, representing James Gatz. Then I have the suave man in color. A tall man, strong and full of life, Jay Gatsby. The real Gatsby is the one is putting on the show, as seen operating the projector. His face isn’t shown because he doesn’t want anyone to connect with or see this man. He wants everyone to see the ‘Son of God’ persona. When you don’t see a persons face, mainly there eyes, it’s a clear disconnect. The green reel in the projector is an allusion to the the green light or Daisy. The only reason he puts on the show of the Great Gatsby is to make her want to be with him again. 


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