Read it Clockwwise

Ahhh finally. I’m in bed and all my work is done and I’ve said goodnight to everyone. Time to sleep. Or so I think. I think? I thought?

I lay // in Dismay

Like the // tell-tale heart                                   I can’t// even sleep

Echoes// through the room                                                                    I start // close my eyes

I can// hear it loud                                                                                             Then I // hear a beat

Anytime // air is still                                                                                   I try // to ignore

I hear// ticking clocks                                             Messes// with my thoughts

I hear// tick pause tock


I wrote this poem as I sat on my bed trying to find inspiration for a blog post. I became suddenly very aware of the ticking of the clock in my room. Then I couldn’t just ignore it. It reached a point where I was pretty certain that the clock was plugged into some speakers and blasting to torture me for information. It all seemed very tell-tale heart ish, minus the chopping someone into pieces then putting them into my floorboards part.



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