You Know What Happens When You Assume….

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I guess you never really know what is going on. The mystery behind doors can be in an environment as small as one person, or the rest of your country. I live in southern California, the always shining, the always beautiful. Sure we have our low points of death of a Hollywood star or a drunken crash of minors, but our smiles remain fairly constant.

NBC published an article that announced Wilkes-Barre is becoming the most unhappy place in America. What a title! Unfortunately it’s a negative accomplishment, still an accomplishment nonetheless. But how do you get classified as The Most Unhappy Place in America?

A lot of things contribute to this particular county’s unhappiness, which they explain later in the article. However to draw you in as a reader they begin with the increase in heroin overdoses by hearing the county’s coroner’s story.

But drugs are not the simple answer, though it would be easy to just say “they’re sad because of drugs”. This particular county has been struggling financially since the 50s when the mines stopped being a source of jobs. Since then people have left and natural disasters have pushed them further into an economic struggle. The jobs people used to have to live comfortably in the middle class are disappearing. Because of this they are forced to work multiple jobs that they don’t enjoy. So what do you do when you can’t seem to get a break? Find an escape.

For this community it is heroin. The people say it is because of its ability to dull the pain that they get involved with it.

Before reading this article I didn’t really understand why people would use heroin. I have thought that anyone willing to try must be stupid. But this assumption was unthorough and lacked empathy. I can’t assume I know everything that’s going on with someone based off of one fact I know about them.



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