An Average Post

average-postThis is going to be a weird, intellectually unintelligent thought that I am going to share. It is concerning averages.

It’ s the staple of a research group’s results. Whatever is calculated as the average is considered the strongest number and a credible truth. But how are some averages more biased in one direction or another?

I could take the same fake news experiment ans present it to different groups but they could all fall under the same headline of people when I present my results. Picture the results of my research saying “75% of high school students have a hard time telling what is fake or real news,” but there is some mystery remains.

A survey of Santa Margarita high school students versus a survey of Fountain Valley students would have a very different result even though they are of the same age and education level. And that’s why I don’t believe that 80% “had trouble determining that credibility of the news they read.”

Now I am in a predicament because I don’t know what group used in this study would make me believe in the data more. Any kid who clicks a link online? One representative from each high school in the country? Both of these options has a pro and con because of its makeup but could still have skewed results. That is really unfortunate and now I am questioning all the data I hear.


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