Blogs Are Just Sketch Books For Words Anyways

I spent a good majority of this past week sick in my room, such a fun time (please note the sarcasm).

And as I sat, I looked into an old book shelf and stumbled upon something that I haven’t even thought of since 2014, my sketch book.

I love to draw but have never been amazing at it ;my skills have always been cute or good. I started to brush through it remembering doodles and drawings of characters. I think that if I get into the habit again I could get really impress myself.

Not only do I plan on improving my drawing skills but I am going to use this sketch book as a tool in my Squid posts. I find myself sometimes at a loss of words and instead very full of symbols and pictures. I think I can bring together writing here and doodling there to create insightful and fun ideas.


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