Why Do I Cry?

FullSizeRender (5).jpgWhy?

Why was I designed to cry?

And why so many reasons?

I break my wrist, I cry.

I watch Titanic, I cry.

I see an insanely cute puppy, I cry.

Love is professed to me, I cry.

I’m overwhelmed, I cry.

I was intrigued so I looked up “Why do we cry?”. Many articles came up. I don’t really want to tell you the answer because I want you to investigate life on your own, HA! The seed of why you cry is now planted into your head and the curiosity will compound until you can’t take it anymore and are forced to open up Google. MUahahahahaha. Why am I getting so much pleasure out of this? I guess I’m mean like that, feel free to cry about it.

( and yes these are all real examples of reasons I have cried don’t judge me)


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