Electing Love

electing love.jpgIn class we read a persuasive article trying to explain what the response should be after the president is announced. And to summarize the writer’s points, they think whatever the outcome that the country should respond in love.

No I am not saying that the writer is telling everyone to fall in love or kiss the ground in which the president walks on . Or even that you need to go up and kiss a member of the opposite party on the cheek and offer to have them run away with you this weekend but they are telling everyone to love one another through respect.

When people love each other their differences dissolve and they unite as one and act in ways good for each other, not  in ways that benefit their own agenda. We, as a country, need to act in a similar manner. It doesn’t matter who you voted for or what proposition you wanted passed, all that matters is we live up to our name, The United States of America.



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