A Drop in the Pool


If A happens then B happens then so will C.

A normal thought process of our formula craving brains as we seek order and structure rather than chance and fate.

On a much more realistic explanation we know that one choice, one action, one decision, can have hundreds of outcomes ripple off from its one moment of significance not just the limited alphabetical scale of 26.

As I sit in facing the pool, my hand dangling over the edge dropping in and out of the water, I watch the ripples. So many tiny little waves expand outward in a huge circle from the single point where I made my index finger sized splash. The number of waves becomes quite overwhelming.  I become hypnotized by how these waves begin to take over the pool.

But then I notice something.

Yes, centimeters and inches and meters and feet of waves whoosh out chaos over the pool. But they also stop.

Naturally I would splash when the waves disappeared just to create a rhythm to things. However for the first time I noticed how comforting the stillness could be.

In the moments where we have to make decisions,  our minds flood with the chaos of possible outcomes. We fixate on a pseudo-infinity that leaves us frozen. Perhaps next time in these moments we could remind ourselves that the water will still again, the ripples will cease, and it will all turn out okay in the end.


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