Written in Orange

orangeIn class we are reading a wonderful little book called The House on Mango Street. Since beginning this book, the language has always come across very orange to me. I don’t know how to explain my thoughts completely but I am going to do my best and try. I have a habit of thoughts similar to this where the tone and style of someone’s writing will bring me to a color, sound, or image.

Why it is orange.

  1. The main character Esperanza speaks with such innocence and naivety that my mind thinks of a springtime orange, a blooming poppy, bright and new to life.
  2. However she goes through moments and has meaningful reflections that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. When she speaks on these tones I see a flickering, orange street light standing alone on a moonless, dark night.
  3. Like a child she gets to points immediately and jumps our at you between topics of each chapter. Her abruptness is like a traffic clone, direct and solid.
  4. But she isn’t always abrupt. She speaks poetically of life and people and quick moments. She can make a breath meander across pages in a way that takes your breath away. In that sense she writes like the orange hues of a sunset.

Show me a book that’s a different color too, please.


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