An Explanation 

For anyone who’s regularly checked out my ramblings, rants, and other raw footage you may be slightly thrown off by my various styles and lack off focus for my content.

Since starting this school year I’ve begun to examine my own writing style. I can’t remember if it was simultaneous or one happened right before the other but it came to my attention and my friend’s that my writing style is kind of “doodley”.

I tend to take a paragraph explaining a concept I’m trying to put across. (In most cases it can be done with a sentence or two).

But my mind doodles. And so does my pen- errr keyboard in this case. 

I love metaphors and rhyme and style choices that seem naive or elementary. 

I wrote a two paragraph metaphor last week and this week I wrote a basic AABB poem. I don’t really know who I am as a writer right now. 

And as long as I’m not confined to a strict format I’m going to keep investigating my personal style. 


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