Starting with an Object


More specifically, a chair.

Why was this chair here?

Who put this chair here?

What has this chair been doing up until this point?

With whom has this chair been spending its time with?

Was it part of a large dining room table with 5 kids running around? Did they sit down and have a meal together every night like a Disney Channel sitcom?

Did it belong to a newly wed couple? Was it replaced by a beautiful IKEA registry chair? Did they sit in this chair as they discussed flower arrangements and whether or not Great Aunt Bertha was invited or not?

Or was it where a worried man sat hunched over until midnight? Did he work until his eyes stung, emailing associates and punching in the numbers on his latest account? Did voice mails pile up on his answering going unheard for weeks? Was he going to make it to his sister’s for Thanksgiving this year?

It is crazy to think of how many stories are attached to all the furniture being thrown out around the world right now.


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