An Act of CHAIRity


Just a heads up, if you are going to continue reading my page you need to be accustomed with all sorts of puns and any chance at alliteration in my titles.

So here is what happened. I was sitting in Starbucks Saturday afternoon when an older couple was looking for a table where they could sit. One table was open and it only had one chair. As I kept watching their interactions there was a lot of back and forth (adorable bickering) on who should sit in the one chair. And what was I doing during all of this? Just writing a history interview hoarding an extra useless chair at my table.

I felt a nudge to suppress my shy nature and ask if they wanted the other chair at my table. I know how awkward it can be to ask to take a chair from a stranger’s table. So I chose to lessen any pressure and ask them.

What was their response? Well, the wife smiled and told me,

“Aww thank you, you’re so cute”.

Don’t worry it wasn’t a creepy exchange, she was a pink cheeked, cute old woman. I am happy I got a chance to let these two old love birds sit down and drink coffee together. I don’t think my actions were anything over generous or martyr-like but I still enjoy a chance to spread a little kindness.


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