Sage Walks

We walk in a world of gray, or a variation  of Concrete Original. The sidewalks, the buildings and the street lack color. Maybe Fountain Valley has a green soccer field or a few rows of trees that border Slater but most of the city is a gray bluh.

On Wednesday as  I walked home from school I noticed a small chunk of grass laying at the feet of the cross walk sign. Why was it there? Who loses a 4 foot square of grass? This grass was out-of-place, it belonged a few feet back with the  other grass. But why did it not belong?

When did we decide we needed a barrier between grass and street? What if we had sidewalks made of grass? Would that increase oxygen levels if we did it all over? Why stop there? Let’s introduce plants into every foot print of urbanization. Let’s make buildings into beanstalk and pavement into pastures.


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