Musical Mind

If you know me you know I sing. I sing in a dead silent hallway and I sing in the middle of a football game. It’s a habit and I never really understood why people don’t do it as often as I do. Well I’ve determined the Jenna science of it. Whenever I have a song stuck in my head it doesn’t stay there. Whatever programs everyone else to keep it in or a low hum is broken for me. The even more “annoying” part is that I usually have multiple songs in there at once so they usually blend out from my mouth in a terrible discordance of sound.  And I honestly couldn’t care less. We all have a bunch of human tendencies and at least one type is broken for all of us (usually these mannerisms are referred to as quirks). On more than one occasion I’ve been told to shush and I’ve made someone else self conscious about their own quirks. I’m taking the challenge to accept everyone else’s quirks and my own. I’d like to encourage everyone else to do the same. 


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